Project Zeughaus 8-Bit Website Agency Zeughaus Design GmbH Year 2019 Award Finalist

Zeughaus 8-Bit Website

In 2018, we felt the time was right to bring back the visual look of early 90's Shareware CD ROM and disk artwork. Our whole 2018 website is a hommage to mostly anonymous digital hobby artists that paved the way for modern web and UI design. We dug deep into a sub genre of digital archeologists that collect and display vintage graphical content from old hard drives, CD ROMs and other media – long before the ascent of the world wide web.
People either loved or hated the website. To be honest, more people hated it. Special thanks and shout-out goes to the Tumblr blog called Ulan-Bator. It’s a tremendous source of digital heritage artwork.


Creative Director
Oliver Ruhm
Art Director
Oliver Ruhm
Oliver Ruhm
Patricia Keckeis
Category 802 Digital Self-Promotion Client Zeughaus Design GmbH Country Austria