Project Bownce Agency Madebymad Year 2023 Award Bronze


Bownce is a one-of-a-kind IoT sports device that bridges the gap between the physical world of fitness and its digital dimension. It turns individual exercise routines into a fun-fuelled, community activity — players can challenge each other, share their results and promote the joy of fitness. The Bownce Mobile App is the centerpiece of its digital ecosystem. Designing the App, we ensured it would fully leverage the potential of Bownce. Here’s how:

Visible results

The App offers a wide range of tracking possibilities — from stats on each hit (speed, power, pace) to aggregated training data showing long-term progress. We don’t just throw numbers and graphs at the user — the app wraps them into valuable insights and trends that can motivate and help them grow.


Bownce is about tapping into convergence between sports and gaming. This is where gamification technologies come in handy. Whether the user challenges someone else or plays in a single mode, they never feel bored — dozens of in-app achievements accompany them all along the way, and training routines built around gamification help them keep eyes on the prize.

Community spirit

Community is the driving force behind Bownce — we want to create a global network of like-minded individuals celebrating fitness. Friendly challenges, sharing results, networking features, and beyond — the Bownce Mobile App gives its community powerful tools to come together and motivate each other.


Bownce is designed with complete inclusion in mind — everyone is invited to play, regardless of their age or level of physical fitness. Mobile App adapts to the individual needs of the user, creating a holistic experience for everyone. Individual training plans and settings enhance the level of customization.


Bownce cuts no corners when it comes to product design — our idea is to create an affordable product with a high-end user experience. Each feature of the Bownce App is enhanced by its visual appeal, a synergy of carefully crafted UI/UX elements working together for top-level performance and aesthetics.

Beyond fitness

The ultimate goal of Bownce is creating a healthier world through the joy of fitness. The App interfaces with the most common wearables and health apps to ensure the health impact is positive and tangible.

The Bownce App goes beyond the constraints of a traditional fitness companion app. It serves as a sustainable platform for the future scaling of the Bownce brand family — not just a growing user base, but also new features and device types can be integrated seamlessly into the app. This is how we ensure the app goes beyond current business needs, anticipating and driving the growth of the whole Bownce brand family.


Art Director
Sergey Galtsev
Anastasia Samsonova
Maria Fedoseeva
Egor Tarasov
Julia Kudryavtseva
Vladimir Demchenko
Margarita Petukhova
Experience Director
Ivan Korkovidov
Animation Designer
Denis Kopylov
Brand Designer
Maksim Arbuzov
Industrial Designer
Katerina Kopytina
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