Project Cilinder Agency G2K Creative Agency Year 2023 Award Silver


Cilinder is a contemporary bar in the city center of Groningen, The Netherlands. It is home to an impressive selection of natural wines, wild craft beers, pints and cocktails, served – naturally – in something that is cylinder shaped. As a nod to its commitment to simplicity, authenticity and pureness, we went back to basic: that exact cylinder shape. It is reflected in the bar’s name as well as it’s logo: two circles that represent the top and bottom of a glass, creating a simple yet unique and easily recognizable logo.


Creative Director
Rudmer van Hulzen
Art Director
Rudmer van Hulzen
Rudmer van Hulzen
Motion Designer
Tobias van der Valk
Project Manager
Bram Steenhuis
Category 102 Brand Logo Client Cilinder Country Netherlands