Project Remove the noise – amplify the story Agency Heydays Year 2023 Award Silver

Remove the noise – amplify the story

Nomono makes revolutionary hardware and software that enables audio storytellers to record from anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about complex setups or noisy environments. With intelligent AI a spatial recorder and a collaboration tool for sound production – their product automatically removes unwanted noise and makes voices crystal clear. Their cloud-based app is built specifically for podcasters and audio other storytellers and simplifies audio processing and collaboration. With Nomono, you can easily process your podcast recordings with AI-powered noise reduction, crosstalk elimination, dialogue leveling and lastly it also helps provide precise feedback with comments and replies inside audio files. In addition to redesigning their identity we also helped Nomono design their entire app – from onboarding, to UI, chat functionality, audio editing – all the way down to a complex design system that let's their design team iterate further on the UI.


Creative Director
Category 704 Mobile Apps Client Nomono Country Norway