Project BuchBauKasten cards Agency Linia-Design Year 2024 Award Silver

BuchBauKasten cards

The cards of the BuchBauKasten (engl. BookBindingKit) are a collection of haptic book design techniques. The diverse bindings, covers, folds, and add-ons can be freely combined with each other. Some combinations seem impossible. When the techniques are used playfully, new ideas for unconventional books and book objects emerge. The BuchBauKasten can be used in many ways; as workshop or teaching material for students and apprentices or as inspiration for designers and artists. It can also be helpful when meeting customers in print shops, bookbinderies, and publishing houses. The cards give detailed information on the various bookbinding techniques. They are published in German by Prima.Publikationen.


Creative Director
Lea Giesecke
Art Director
Lea Giesecke
Lea Gieseke, Christina Schmid
Lea Giesecke
Joachim Bøgedal
Lea Giesecke
Lea Giesecke, Ria Tiemeyer, Matthias Gronemeyer
Category 904 Printed Miscellaneous Client Country Germany