Project Theatre Magdeburg – Programme Booklets 2023/24 Agency Neue Gestaltung Year 2024 Award Silver

Theatre Magdeburg – Programme Booklets 2023/24

With the 2023/24 theater season artistic director Julien Chavaz invites for a second season full of boldness and curiosity. 

»Theatre is reduction in a positive sense and reduction means concentra-tion. If you try to describe the world with reduced means then you can focus on certain situations on certain people on a detail that then takes on greater significance. This ability to look at things as if under a microscope helps us to better grasp the complexity of the world.«

For every production a program booklet is created. Editorially meticulous filled with a wealth of background information and richly illustrated they are valuable companions to an exciting theater event and also a collector's item for theater enthusiasts. Since the production takes place close to the premiere of the play a format and layout have been created that is easy to handle and puts the content of the play in the foreground. The distinctive typography of Grillitype Ultra the memorable illustrations and the use of abundant color make the Theater Magdeburg program booklets an experience in their own right.


Anna Bühler, Nina Odzinieks, Pit Stenkhoff, Johanna Zech
Category 303 Brochure Client Theater Magdeburg Country Germany