Project Monetary imbalance Agency Emphase Year 2024 Award Gold

Monetary imbalance

The latest issue of The Federal Commission for Women is dedicated to the Gender Pay Gap in Switzerland. The infographics illustrate statistics on nine topics including unpaid work, pensions, income and poverty after a separation. In order to make the imbalance clearly visible, we decided to show the data through sculptures. Mobiles are the ideal data carrier, as they are usually balanced. Through them we draw in the entire spectrum of human perception and give the data weight, space and texture.

After working on the core message and developing different presentation models, the infographics were laser-cut from translucent acrylic glass, assembled and photographed in a studio. Typographic additions were made to the final double page spread. 


Creative Director
Fabienne Kilchör
Art Director
Fabienne Kilchör & Sébastien Fasel
Fabienne Kilchör & Deborah Steffen
Deborah Steffen
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