Project Switzerland’s glaciers in 2100 Agency Emphase Year 2024 Award Silver

Switzerland’s glaciers in 2100

Interactive infographic for the magazine "Dimensions" of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The infographic visualizes the melting of Swiss glaciers by 2100. Each glacier is represented as stalactites. The stalactites are composed of 10 rectangles, one for each decade. These are proportional to their surface areas. In the lower part, one can also see the glaciers and their melting geographically. Above the stalactites, the total surface area of the Swiss glaciers is displayed by decade.

By hovering over with the mouse, one can explore the infographic and obtain details, photos, and the location of each glacier according to the decade. It is also possible to sort the data according to the glacier's surface area and search for specific glaciers with the search bar.

Data source: results from the Global Glacier Evolution Model (GloGem) developed at VAW-ETH Zurich (M.Huss). The retreat of the glaciers is calculated based on the SSP2-4.5 scenario defined by the IPCC. This intermediate scenario predicts a global average warming of +2.7° by 2100.


Creative Director
Sébastien Fasel
Art Director
Sébastien Fasel & Fabienne Kilchör
Sébastien Fasel & Fabienne Kilchör
Programmation p5js
Sébastien Fasel & Paul Madelénat (EPFL)
Category 604 Digital Infographics Client EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) Country Switzerland