Project The Grand Campari Hotel | Invitation & Peep Show Agency Denis Widmann Design Studio Year 2024 Award Silver

The Grand Campari Hotel | Invitation & Peep Show

For the Grand Campari Hotel during the BCB 2023 we designed and produced a paper duet consisting of the event invitation and paper peep shop for selected guests. The invitation is a pop up card on top of a drawer box, holding the information and key to the otherwise inaccessible rare lounge at the Grand Campari. Once opened it unfolds the hotel and London Red Bus shuttle used to transport the guests to the trade fair. It's produced using die cutting and digital white print and furthermore features a magnetic closure to hold the pop up elements nice and tight together. The paper peep show showcases the hotel's exterior and once opened presents a stylised illustrated hotel scene at the Grand Campari, featuring some of the world's most famous bartenders such as Charles Schuhmann (Schuhmann's Tagesbar Munich), Agostino Perrone (Connaugh Bar London), or Giacomo Giannotti (Paradiso Barcelona). The interior depicts the scene divided into several layers or "stages" which are individually laser cut and held by the leporellos on each side. By expanding the peep show the viewer receives a lovely depth effect of the scene and depending on the surrounding light, a different atmosphere. The red paper used for the project was custom made for the project by Gmund Paper. Both interior and exterior of the peep show are offset printed on white Gmund paper. In order to hide the white paper edges, the colour of the red paper used for the invitation, sleeve and leporello sides was digitally measured and then used to colour each stage's paper edge. The peep show is elegantly held in place and presented to the recipients in a sleeve made from the same custom made red Gmund paper, featuring the Grand Campari Logo and matching classic frame design in white hot foil debossing. 

Both the invitation and peep show were mostly hand made, are fully produced in Germany and were presented to only a select group of guests.

The BCB is one of Europe's largest spirit / bar trade fairs. 


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Denis Widmann
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