Project Emergence Magazine Vol.4 Shifting Landscapes Agency Studio Airport Year 2024 Award Gold

Emergence Magazine Vol.4 Shifting Landscapes

Just as the Earth’s ancient patterns and pathways are undergoing seismic shifts, so too are our cultural landscapes-histories are being uncovered, outdated myths discarded, and new stories brought to light.

The voices gathered here bear witness to the Earth’s changing face, listen to her evolving song, and offer ways to navigate our shifting landscapes.

Typeset: Gt America by Grilli Type, LL Bradford by Lineto, Windsor BT by Eleisha Pechey, Hershey Noailles Futura by Allen V. Hershey

First edition: 8.000 copies


Creative Director
Studio Airport
Art Director
Maurits Wouters & Bram Broerse
Maurits Wouters & Carsten Pölking
Staff Emergence Magazine
Staff Emergence Magazine
Cover Photo by
Georghe Popa
NPN Printers
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